Em The Simpsons: Tapped Out, os seguintes personagens entram:

Personagem Tela de Desbloqueio Mensagem de Desbloqueio
250px-Tapped Out Lisa New Character.png
" wich i mean, thanks for finding me!"
250px-Tapped Out Apu New Character.png
"Thank you, come again!"
250px-Tapped Out Ned Flanders New Character.png
"Hi diddly-ho, player-eeno!"
250px-Tapped Out Cletus New Character.png
"Much obliged, person with a magic glow screen."
250px-Tapped Out Krusty New Character.png
"Hey hey, kids! Anyone got a cigar?"
250px-Tapped Out Wolfcastle New Character.png
"I just had a nightmare that my every action was controlled by a nerd."
250px-Tapped Out Professor Frink New Character.png
"So nice to be unlocked, with the grass, and the buildings, and the exPERIENCE points."
Sideshow Mel
250px-Tapped Out Sideshow Mel New Character.png
"A cameo in a game? So my career has come to this..."
250px-Tapped Out Marge New Character.png
"It's time to clean house! And i don't mean that metaphorically."
250px-Tapped Out Bart New Character.png
"I'm Bart Simpson, who the hell are you?"
250px-Tapped Out Grampa New Character.png
"In my day, grampas are unlocked first."
250px-Tapped Out Lumpy New Character.png
"That's one way to take care of classroom overcrowding."
250px-Tapped Out Jasper New Character.png
"Unlock me, eh? That's a padding!"
Sra. Skinner
250px-Tapped Out Agnes New Character.png
"I've made mistakes in life...and his name is Seymour
250px-Tapped Out Rex Banner New Character.png
"The name is Rex Banner and i'm here to tell Springfield, "No on my watch!"."
250px-Tapped Out Milhouse New Character.png
"Everything's coming up Milhouse!"
250px-Tapped Out Martin New Character.png
"I appreciate the opportunity to be tapped by you."
250px-Tapped Out Ralph New Character.png
"My breat smells like cat food too."
250px-Tapped Out Shauna New Character.png
"You just got into a flame war with a teenage girl!"
250px-Tapped Out Nelson New Character.png
"Haw haw!"
250px-Tapped Out Kearney New Character.png
!"My kids play this game. Hi Jason!"
250px-Tapped Out Wiggum New Character.png
"While i was gone, i forgot how to do my job."
250px-Tapped Out Quimby New Character.png
"Can i count on your vote come November?"
250px-Tapped Out Hans Moleman New Character.png
"Oh joy."
250px-Tapped Out Squeaky-voiced teen New Character.png
"I think my voice changed while i was getting unlocked."
250px-Tapped Out Moe New Character.png
"Hey howya doin', ya stupid jerk."
O Corvo
250px-Tapped Out The Raven New Character.png
"So gently i came tapping, tapping at your chamber door! Heheheh!"
Burns Monstro
250px-Tapped Out Burns Monster New Character.png
"What am i? How did this happen?"
Boneco Krusty assasino
250px-Tapped Out Talking Krusty Doll New Character.png
"This doll is evil i tell you, EVIL!"
250px-Tapped Out Kang New Character.png
"We come in peace, for all you know."
Deus Maia
250px-Tapped Out Mayan God New Character.png
"Ggggrrrr! Rrr!"
250px-Tapped Out Hank Scorpio New Character.png
"So excited to be part of your team. Let's go!"
Texano Rico
250px-Tapped Out The Rich Texan New Character.png
"It took a long time to come up with my name."
250px-Tapped Out Lugash New Character.png
"I train the best. I am Lugash.
Abe honesto
250px-Tapped Out Abraham Lincoln New Character.png
"Just call me Honest Abe."
Cara dos Quadrinhos
250px-Tapped Out Comic Book Guy New Character.png
"Worst. Unlock screen. Ever."
250px-Tapped Out Luigi New Character.png
"I'm-a one very-a happy stereotype."
250px-Tapped Out Skinner New Character.png
"Shouldn't you be in the school?"
Sra. Krabappel
250px-Tapped Out Edna Krabappel New Character.png
"Those who can't, teach. Ha!"
Sr. Burns
250px-Tapped Out Mr. Burns New Character.png
"You've unlocked me? Excellent."
250px-Tapped Out Lenny New Character.png
"This reminds me of Carl's icelandic boyhood. He's so grat."
250px-Tapped Out Carl New Character.png
"This reminds me of my icelandic boyhood."
250px-Tapped Out Smithers New Character.png
"Tell me what to do. It's what i live for."
Rev. Lovejoy
250px-Tapped Out Rev. Lovejoy New Character.png
"Are you there, player? It's me, Lovejoy."
250px-Tapped Out Rod New Character.png
"Iron helps on play."
250px-Tapped Out Todd New Character.png
"How come we only get to go to church three times on week?"
250px-Tapped Out Snake New Character.png
"Choice unlock. Thanks a, like, million."
250px-Tapped Out Willie New Character.png
"Argh! Forgot about Willie, did ye?"
250px-Tapped Out Otto New Character.png
"What if this whole universe was just an app on some guy's phone?"
250px-Tapped Our Brockman New Character.png
"Our top story: I'm still alive! Details at eleven."
Bumblebee Man
250px-Tapped Out Bumblebee Man New Character.png
"Donde estoy? Ah, es Springfield. Que lastima!"
Miss Springfield
250px-Tapped Out Miss Springfield New Character.png
"Gentleman, start your whacking!"
250px-Tapped Out Herman New Character.png
"I'm one well-armed guy. Think about it."
Capitão do Mar
250px-Tapped Out Sea Captain New Character.png
"I hate the sea and everything in it. Yarr!"
250px-Tapped Out Handsome Pete New Character.png
"I dance for nickels. For a quarter, i'il stop."
250px-Tapped Out Duffman New Character.png
Unlocked. Oh, yeah!"
Drederick Tatum
250px-Tapped Out Drederick Tatum New Character.png
"If you ever see my back in Springfield, you'il know i screwed up bad!"
Estátua Humana
250px-Tapped Out Human Statue New Character.png
"Yes, you can get paid to do nothing."
250px-Tapped Out Mime New Character.png
250px-Tapped Out Fiddler New Character.png
"Get ready for a foot-stomping good time!"
250px-Tapped Out Juggler New Character.png
"Prepare to be amazed by my wondrous cascade!"
Comedor de Fogo
250px-Tapped Out Fire Eater New Character.png
"Don't try this at home... or anywhere."
Tony Gordo
250px-Tapped Out Fat Tony New Character.png
"I head there's money in this video game racket. Where's my cut?"
250px-Tapped Out Louie New Character.png
"Should i shoot him gangland or execution style?"
250px-Tapped Out Legs New Character.png
"Someone said there's a squealer around here."
Barney Gumble
250px-Tapped Out Barney New Character.png
"I'm back! Now who am i again?"
Funzo Azul
250px-Tapped Out Blue Funzo New Character.png
"Love me. Hug me. Destroy your other toys!"
Funzo Rosa
250px-Tapped Out Pink Funzo New Character.png
"Love me. Hug me. Destroy your other toys."
Funzo Roxo
250px-Tapped Out Purple Funzo New Character.png
"Love me. Hug me. Destroy your other toys."
Tom O'Flanagan
250px-Tapped Out Tom O'Flanagan New Character.png
"We boil our food until it tastes really bland, this is the life in Ireland."
250px-Tapped Out Leprechuan New Character.png
""A toi-ta-toi-toi!"*Translation: Burn thing, kids."
Ajudante de Papai Noel
250px-Tapped Out Santa's Little Helper New Character.png
"...(dogs don't talk)"
Cão Robô do Frink
250px-Tapped Out Frink's Robot Dog New Character.png
"A geek's best friend."
Dr. Nick
250px-Tapped Out Dr. Nick New Character.png
"Hy everybody!"
Dr. Hibbert
250px-Tapped Out Dr. Hibbert New Character.png
"Have i ever told you about my brother-in-law Chester?"
Mascote do Comichão
250px-Tapped Out Itchy Mascot New Character.png
"It is 127 degrees inside this humiliating costume."
Mascote do Coçadinha
250px-Tapped Out Scratchy Mascot New Character.png
"I hate this job, kids."
Mascote do Poochie
250px-Tapped Out Poochie Mascot New Character.png
"Alaways stay in character, and no flirting with pretting moms... TO THE EXTREME!"
Arnie Pie
250px-Tapped Out Arnie Pye New Character.png
"This is Arnie Pye with Arnie in the Sky!"
250px-Tapped Out Lou New Character.png
"Beware the Popeye-esque arm of the law."
250px-Tapped Out Eddie New Character.png
"My job is to protect and serve. My higher-paying job is cleaning gutters."
Sherri e Terri
250px-Tapped Out Sherri Terri New Character.png
"Sometimes we just don't feel like we're better than everyone else..."
Gary Chalmers
250px-Tapped Out Chalmers New Character.png
Patty Bouvier
250px-Tapped Out Patty New Character.png
"Girls night out... no bras!"
Selma Bouvier
250px-Tapped Out Selma New Character.png
"So many ex-husbands, so little time."
Fantasma de Maude
250px-Tapped Out Maude New Character.png
"Wait -- Who's Edna Krabappel?"
Rei Snorky "Snorky… talk… man."
Príncipe Sapo "Every moment I live is agony."
Susane, a bruxa "Those amber alert phone messages have really cut into my children eating."
Zumbi Senil
250px-Tapped Out Senile Zombie New Character.png
Zumbi Maluco
250px-Tapped Out Crazy Zombie New Character.png
"Not Brains!"
Zumbi Rosnando
250px-Tapped Out Snarling Zombie New Character.png
"*Woof* (Brains…)"
Disco Stu
250px-Tapped Out Disco Stu New Character.png
"Disco Stu is glad his name rhymes with so many thing... oo!"
250px-Tapped Out Jub-Jub New Character.png

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